Location: Bequia

Today was a busy day filled with diving, EFR class, and a pizza party with our new friends from Ocean Star! We started the morning with a delicious banana bread breakfast, thanks Smash! After cleanup, half of the group embarked on a fish identification/ fun dive. They saw sea turtles, dozens of fish species, and beautiful coral. Back at the boat, the other half worked towards our Emergency First Responder certification. For lunch, we had delicious BBQ sandwiches served with fresh plantains. After lunch, we swapped activities and the second group went on their dive. We saw so many trunkfish, eels, and the most massive yellow snapper. At one point, Carolyn and Anna excitedly pointed to a rock. Only when part of the rock started moving did I realize there were two camouflaged scorpionfish! I also saw so many sponges, which, thanks to Dylan, I now know are actually animals. We dove for over an hour before surfacing and returning to Vela via an extremely choppy dinghy ride. Back at Vela, we prepared to meet our Ocean Star rivals. Ellie drew them a map of the boat, including a key of Alyssas several hot sauce bottles and Audreys miscellaneous belongings spread throughout the boat. The Ocean Star crew arrived in the evening, and we all enjoyed getting to know each other. We loved comparing the boats, and now the Vela crew has an added appreciation for our flushing toilets and freezer in our spacious galley. Everyone loved the pizza (brought in from the shore, NOT cooked by our pizza chef Audrey). We spent the evening dancing and singing sea shanties with our new friends. Were so excited to reunite during Classics in Antigua!

Much love from Vela,

Emma B

1. Beautiful Bequia
2. Weightbelt wars
3. Ocean shower rescue situations
4. Force-feeding Annika
5. Flatheads
6. chaotic picture #47