Location: Bequia, SVG

I awoke the crew with a very gentle tap on the shoulder, a warming smile, and a graceful good morning. The first task out of bed was to do their little dancey dance that ended with a fist bump for Tolos GoPro. With high energy bright and early, we devoured Finns breakfast burritos. His sous chefs, Anna and Lomax, helped make delicious eggs and salami with tortillas on the side. After a breakfast full of laughs and beautiful smiles, we were promised shore time! First, though, we had to grind through our Oceanography literature review presentations and a Marine Biology class. After eleven out of eighteen successful and informative presentations (and two long hours,) we moved onto Marine Bio for our first lecture after Exam 1. This was because CMoney (Carolyn) had to make a provision run before the stores closed. Dylan had us intrigued about the life of sponges for about an hour before we got too antsy to get some delicious shore food. We rushed to put our school supplies away, and bags packed. The first ones ready were kind enough to get the dinghies into the water for shuttles. We were all ashore by 12:15 P.M. and were bombarded by the local stands, trying to swindle us for their knickknacks. Fortunately, every one of us was more focused on food. The first local place we could find was named The Maria Caf. As most of us sat down to eat, the remaining five or six went to get some nice cool ice cream. The ice cream party got about three blocks before finishing their ice cream and returning to the shop for a second round. The other twelve ordered a mass of food, and the rarest commodity we all thrive to bring back to the boat: ICE!! The clanking of the cool cubes created the biggest smiles Ive seen since the first couple of days together. Everyone got their burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, and lobsters within two hours. There was only one cook, and boy was he busy. I waited three hours for a steak, wings, and Caesar salad. It was totally worth it. I spent two and a half of those hours talking with my parents and brother. Shout out to Jack for keeping me so entertained, talking about the amazing Denver sports teams. So glad youre doing well up in Boulder, brotha. Keep up the guitar skills. After a solid lunch, we sat at the dock, waiting for the dinghies to pick us up. There we met two local boys who were so cool! They made their own toy boat out of a coconut and brought us a Western Indian Sea Egg to hold and check out. Once the dingeys showed up and brought us back to the beautiful Vela, we took our daily ocean showers. There was a little ruckus with the spraying of the freshwater hose, but all is well in the walls of our mobile home. As the night set, and I got my daily sunset picture for my mom, the orange chicken was brought up for us to feast upon! The high spirits remained throughout dinner and into our nightly squeeze. I asked everyone to find a person somewhere within the circle and say which celebrity that person looked like. There were good answers, such as Jennifer Lawrence, Zac Brown, Moana, the Golden Retriever from Air Buddies, and Aang from Avatar (the show, not the live-action movie). To end the night, I had everyone yell their favorite colors so loud that our rivals, Ocean Star, could hear our war cries. We now have the last seven presentations to finish before all sending it to much-needed sleep.
Thank you, Mom and Dad, for being so supportive and helping me find my true passion. Without your push, I wouldnt be in the paradise I am today. Much less the person Ive grown to be. Im so proud to call myself a Slowey and cant wait to talk to you guys again when I can.