Location: Bequia, SVG

Today we motor
Down to Bequia, SVG
Same country, new port

Goodbye to Box Bay
Home of night dives and seagrass
We shall meet again

A decent passage
Hello Port Elizabeth
Lets drop anchor and relax

Calum: Time to eat!
Yam burgers for lunch. Get it?
Stuff your face with food.

Now time for classes
A test in Marine Bio
Give it your best shot

Time to learn to drive
Dingy school is in effect
There are just two rules

Great news for Lizzy
Scholarship to Duke Uni
Celebrate? Ice cream!

Just at dinner time
Ocean Star arrives in port
Cant wait to catch up

Wait! Now with pictures!
Read on for photo captions
(Dont expect Haikus)

1) Nick at the helm, taking us to Bequia
2) Sydnei, Smash, and Tom (happy that Nick is at the helm)
3) Ryan digging in to Calums yam burgers
4) Anna, Sophia, Ellie, Emma, Cora, and Alissa hard at work on their exams
5) Ocean Star saying hello 😊