Location: Petit Byhout, SVG

Today the crew, including Tolo, who just finished his solo hike at the highest point of the cove, woke up at 7 am sharp to the calming sound of music, Down with the Sickness by Disturbed, played at full volume, to be exact. To be honest, that is the fastest I’ve ever seen our crew wake up, so it was proven to be very effective. As our head chef Izzy, along with sous chefs Ryan and Sydnei, finished up toasting bagels for breakfast, the crew got ready and headed up on deck to eat. After eating, our second group of advanced divers in the making got ready for their first navigation dive, where they put their knowledge of the diving compass to work. Open Water Divers: Emma, Audrey, Teagan, Anna, Cora, and Bearded Nick were given their first opportunity to dive alone with just a buddy and the help of their compasses and freshly learned navigation skills to find the boat. EVERYONE FOUND THE BOAT! While the soon-to-be advanced divers were being put to the test, previously certified divers Ellie and I went on our own fun dive. Unfortunately, upon boarding the boat, Ellie slipped on the second stair of the companionway on her way below deck and tumbled down the stairs landing on the salon floor. ( I had to put this in so I will never forget it) Anyway, we all were shocked by the abundance and diversity of marine life.

Nearing the boat many of us had the pleasure to meet Dave, the triggerfish who approached us with very territorial aggression, chasing us away from his home and eventually biting Ellies’ GoPro as well as Audrey’s hand. After we got back on deck, we took apart our Scuba kits and joined the first group to have a very much-needed study hall while the chefs were getting sandwiches ready for lunch with delicious hand-made bread made by our Breadmaker Tolo. After lunch, a majority of the crew went on an optional BAT CAVE snorkel, yes, a cave with real live BATS, while others stayed back to get more work done. When the snorkelers returned, we had an option to attend Dinghy Skool taught by the one and only Captain Tom. As Dinghy Skool came to an end, the chefs were just finishing up dinner, and the second-night diving group: Nick, Jaycee, Fin, Lizzie, Annika, Ryan, Sofia, and Sharp finished setting up their dive gear. As dinner came to an end, we all answered our nightly squeeze question. Today’s question was, “If you were in a fight, what song would you choose to be your background soundtrack?” We ended off with an ear-piercing harmonization from the whole crew. So here we are. As I am writing this blog post, tonight’s night divers are gearing up and getting ready to go on their FIRST NIGHT DIVE! (Hopefully, nobody drops their dive light in 41 meters of water tonight) When the divers return, they will take apart and wash their equipment then tell us about all of the wonderful things they saw on their dive. At 9 pm, we will start our nightly anchor watches, and everyone will head to bed when they are ready. Today has been by far one of the most eventful, exciting, and enjoyingly tiring days we’ve had on this trip. Everyone is going to go to bed with a big smile on their faces. Well, the ones who are prepared for our exam tomorrow. WISH US LUCK!
Oh, one last thing, I would like to thank my brother Andrew for the amazing dive light he got me for Christmas. That thing is insanely powerful. Wish you were here to use it with me, and thank you, mom and dad, for giving me this amazing and life-altering opportunity. I love you guys! <3