Location: Canada

Let me be honest with you; its taken me about three times to try and write this blog. It may be because Ive been so so busy making tiny snowmen and trying to catch up on some new Netflix series, but Id say its probably because Im not ready to come to the realization that my journey with Seamester is coming to an end. The past two months or so on Argo and with this crew has changed my life. I remember the first day I showed up to Argo I thought to myself that maybe I wasnt going to fit in with these people because I wasnt outgoing enough or as adventurous. The second I stepped on deck, I think that changed. Meeting the staff, meeting other students, I think thats the moment I realized how much this trip would impact my life. Ever since then, Ive honestly seen a change, not in just myself but everyone else as well. Weve become one big family and have a level of trust that nothing could compare to.

Though our time was cut short, Im glad we still have the chance to keep in touch through different platforms such as zoom, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. Every day for the past week, Ive woken up to a new text from someone. It probably has kept us all from going insane in quarantine so far. I think it also has kind of showed us that time or distance will never weaken this bond as we are scattered all throughout North America, and we still are able to gather together to connect.

I could go on for hours on end telling you what I would give to be back on board our home away from home right now, but Ill keep it short and sweet. Trying to describe how this trip was is impossible, and I think thats the best way to describe it: indescribable. This experience has changed us all, and only we know how and why.

I want to finish off my blog with my favorite quote: you cant change the wind, but you can adjust your sails. In the near future, I hope our paths cross again soon, Argonauts, and I want to thank you all for everything.