Location: Underway to St. Barth's

Today we cleared out of Antigua and set sail for St. Barths, and we finally got to do some downwind sailing without the engine. We skyed a halyard, and Kevin had to climb up to the crow’s nest to retrieve it. After the halyard was retrieved, we got to put up the fisherman sail and take the reefs out of the mainsail, so we were really hauling. It is really nice to be sailing without the annoying rumble of the engine. At dinnertime, the hand sanitizer went overboard. It looks like the chupacabra is up to some mischief today. We got to St. Barths at about 1:30 Am woohoo. Watch Team 1 Rules!!!! However, we still haven’t been too clear customs because it was so late, so we had to drop the anchor and do some anchor watch. I think chase might be delirious from his 24 hours on 6 hours off, but he’s dealing with it. It was a great passage, and everyone is pumped for some fun under the French sun. Peace out – Champ a.k.a Sweet cheeks a.k.a Nighthawk