Location: Gustavia, St. Barth's

Today is day 2 at St. Barth’s, and it was time to go surfing. The day started rather slowly with no real-time pressure. We had rented a car and 4 surfboards planning to head to the beach for some surfing and relaxation in the sun. At the beach, I headed out for my first surfing experience. I was able to catch a few waves and had a great first run, even managing to stand up on my first attempt, even if it only lasted for a few seconds. We all had a great time, the waves weren’t great, but we all had fun catching waves and trying to avoid the reef where the best waves carried you. The rest of the day was taken up by relaxing in the sun with a glass of passion fruit juice (the drink of choice for the day). We then headed back to the boat for summer thanksgiving night augmented with some fish we caught a few days before and perhaps some handmade ice cream on the way. It was a great day, and we are all looking forward to our third and last day at St. Barths.