Location: Pain de Sucre, Les Saintes

Hello, hello. Hello! Today we woke up in Les Saintes to our first purely sunny day in a little while. We had cereal and fresh bananas from our fruit tour for breakfast before beginning a HUGE boat appreciation. We spent all morning giving Ocean Star some much-needed TLC – organizing the bookshelf, scrubbing walls, floors, cubbies, and bunks, polishing hardware on deck, cleaning outline lockers, tidying sails, and much more. We all got fresh sheets too, which always feels so amazing. We jammed to some awesome music while we worked – if you stood in a sweet spot under the hatch in the salon, you could hear both the down below and on-deck speakers at once! When we were done, we enjoyed a well-deserved lunch of quesadillas with corn and bean salad as well as starfruit on the side (also from the fruit tour! We snacked on tons of passion fruit throughout the day too.) Next, we had a Seamanship class where we did some more navigation/chart work involving time, speed, and distance. We were all feeling a little tired-silly, which made the class all the more fun. Afterward, we had free time to rest and chill and study for tonight’s oceanography quiz. For dinner, we had Asian-style veggies with rice and chicken or tofu – it was so so delicious, thanks to chefs Zach and Syd! For our squeeze question, we talked about our proudest moment from the past year. After clean up, we’ll have Oceanography class, and then it’s off to bed to prepare for a sunrise hike bright and early tomorrow morning!