Location: Nevis

We started the day with boat appreciation to clean Ocean Star and return her to her former sexiness after our long passage to Nevis. Then we spent the day ashore; half the group went horseback riding while the rest went on a bike ride circumnavigating the island. The bike ride was fun. We stopped a couple of times to take in the views of the ocean and parts of the city. The horseback riders had a stellar time as well as they rode along the beaches. After a quick shower back on board, we again headed to shore for dinner with one of the ActionQuest boats who are down here on program as well. Getting out of the dinghy and onto the beach was an adventure in itself, as several of us made the jump out of the dinghy a little premature. Yet, eating fish and chicken together at picnic tables on the beach was relaxing and tons of fun, which took our minds off our wet clothes. We ended the night by relaxing on the beach around a huge bonfire while admiring the stars.