Location: Dominica

Waking up, I had pretty high expectations for our tour around Dominica today; however… everything exceeded my expectations by a long shot. After breakfast, we all hopped on the tour minivans and began the morning by picking grapefruits and eating sugar cane in the jungle. As we were on our way to a waterfall at the Emerald Pool, our drivers would stop along the way, handing us wild fruits on every corner. We were basically being fed delicious fruits the whole ride to our destination. We also stopped at a small “factory” that made homemade cassava bread and also a local family’s house within the Carib Indian reservation, where we tried freshly roasted raw cocoa, jerk chicken, and cooked yams. Next, we stopped at a beautiful beach to sit and eat whatever foods we hadn’t managed to make it to our stomachs already.
We arrived at the waterfall and had a great time dipping ourselves in the water. After buying some trinkets and Hawaiian shirts at the gift shop, we made our way to the Trafalgar waterfalls and hot springs up in the heart of one of Dominica’s volcanoes. When we arrived at the waterfalls, we made our way down to the hot springs to bathe in the streams of hundred-degree water. It was so relaxing to be able to immerse ourselves in the steaming water that would rush down the rocks. I think everyone would agree the best part of today was hiking down to the hot springs and enjoying the view. The whole day was mostly spent riding around Dominica, learning all about Dominica and its wonderful people. All in all, today was, by far, my favorite day on this trip!
I love Dominica, in case I haven’t already said that!