Location: Soufriere, St. Lucia

Today on Ocean Star, the crew was graced with a late wake-up of 0745. Following the wake-up, everyone promptly packed a day bag to go on an island tour of St. Lucia. Once everyone was dropped off on the beach, we quickly set off on the day’s adventure. Our first stop was at the Diamond Botanical Garden & Waterfall, where we all learned about the various histories surrounding the plants housed there. While we were there, we also visited a waterfall at the very edge of the gardens. Following that, everyone was given a chance to relax and use heads that, yes, flushed! We then walked back through the gardens to the car park to go to our next location, the Soufriere drive-in volcano, where everyone toured the volcano and observed the geothermal activity, and then covered themselves in mud (high in minerals, it’s supposed to have healing effects on the skin.) After that, we went to a set of natural springs, which weren’t quite as hot as the one we took a dip in at the volcano. There, everyone got to relax for an hour before we went back to Ocean Star to passage prep and got underway to Marigot Bay. After an hour of motoring, we pulled into the bay, which housed an incredible resort replete with freshwater showers. After we docked the boat and hooked up to shore power, the crew all went to take showers, something everyone was appreciative of. It was another great day aboard S/Y Ocean Star.