Location: Cooks Bay, Moorea, French Polynesia

I am currently adjusting to life on a boat as I am dripping sweat over this keyboard. One of the more interesting new adjustments came last night as we experienced anchor watch for the first time. Everybody has a predetermined time that they are woken up to watch over the boat for one hour. After the confusion of being woken up in the middle of the night wears off, it is actually quite a peaceful time. We are currently stationed in a beautiful bay on a small island across from Tahiti. Anchor watch is a good time to soak in the views of the ocean at night, write in your journal, and accept some responsibility. These responsibilities include checking the weather, depth, pressure, and movement of our surroundings. In the morning, we also got to learn about the boat’s engine and safety procedures. Each day we are given more responsibilities, ultimately making this trip a lot more fun. Today we also got to use the small boats aboard Argo to go to the land for the first time from the sea and hike the “three coconut pass” overlooking both bays on the Northside of the Island. The hike was a little tougher than we realized and made for a great bonding experience and rewarding views. On the way down the mountain, we came up with the game “HUP” to pass the time. This game involves grabbing a piece of fruit off of the jungle floor and yelling the word “HUP” before throwing it to the person behind you without looking while simultaneously trying to avoid tripping over large roots and stones. This made for at least a few good laughs. Sadly, the games ended as all of us retreated to the boat, and the previously certified divers did yoga on the deck with Carolyn while the rest of us were down in the saloon with Steve learning dive procedures. Steve’s old diving stories provided us with plenty of laughter. We just had dinner and cleaned the boat, so… it is now sadly time for me to go take three diving quizzes with Steve provided by our friend PADI once again. Goodnight or good morning to whoever is reading this. We will check in again soon! Also, shout-out to all the moms and dads. Thanks for sending us on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.