Location: Opunohu Bay, Moorea, French Polynesia

It has now been four days since this amazing journey started. An experience that we will cherish, share and use throughout our life. This morning I had to wake up everyone and get them settled for the day on what was happening and when starting off the day by listening to music while waking up and getting things ready for our day. We had our first Marine Biology class and had the opportunity to visit Moorea Marine Biology Laboratory, which allowed us to get a better understanding of how researchers do their experiments. After that visit, we went back on board to get lunch and to move the boat. While Open Waters were doing some class exercises, other crewmembers were getting Argo ready for departure. Once we arrived in Baie d’ Opunohu, we started to get the scuba diving gear out. Katie and I, as future Dive Masters, were chosen to take care of a gear assembly recap lesson, of course, under instructor watch. This is not just about showing people how to set up their gear; it is about sharing our experience, knowledge, and teamwork. After we had dinner and had a quick Marine Biology class. The craziest thing about today is that we have only been here for four days, and we are already becoming a family. As the only student foreigner, I feel part of the crew but, most importantly, part of the Argo family.