Location: 17 14.10'S 179'13.07'E

At first glance, today didn’t appear to be one for the history books, no epic, once-in-a-lifetime dives were made, no waterfalls leaped off of, no marine mammals sighted, but to us, it was a chance to get back into the Argo rhythm. After our student lead passage yesterday, I think everyone enjoyed sleeping into till our usual 7 am wake-up time. Our main goals for the day was getting on the dock to fuel (which is itself an adventure sometimes on these remote islands), to provision for our next passage, and to get underway to Vanuatu. All of these activities require all hands and almost regimental order to run smoothly, but here on day 50, I’d say we’ve got that down pretty well. The toughest thing to get used to, in my opinion, is the rapidity with which the Argo crew needs to be able to switch between tasks. One minute you could be working on your Introductions for an Oceanography paper and the next, clearing away your computer to make room for an entire table’s worth of vegetables in the saloon or interrupting your nap to help adjust fenders because the tide has dropped. This “hurry up and wait” stage is a sometimes difficult state of mind to be in, but especially after yesterday’s student passage, all aspects of today could not have run smoother.

Garret, Zoe, and Haley were kind enough to help Carolyn provision for this upcoming five-day passage, which, as Carolyn has mentioned before, is in and of itself a cultural experience. Here in Savusavu, the fresh fruit and vegetable market is an almost overwhelming experience of sights, smells, and sounds but full of friendly people. While the rest of us prepped the boat, Jack, with his fellow chefs Sara and Griffin, made two excellent meals along with a cake (and heaps of cream cheese icing) for birthday girl Shelby. The extra pieces did not go to waste but instead were handed out, Jeopardy-style, to those people who answered Shelby-themed questions correctly. It is sad to leave Fiji, a place that has treated us so well and where we have had adventures of a lifetime, but further adventures await on new islands and in new waters. The earlier rain has cleared, the stars are currently out in full force, and I am on watch from 8-12. Here’s hoping our passage to Vanuatu is filled with good skies, a steady breeze, and lots and lots of humpback whales.

P.S. Congratulations to my uncles Michael and Greg, for finally tying the knot today. I am only sad I could not be there to celebrate with you. Also, to my dad and brothers and all my other family, I love you all and miss you lots.