Location: 18 27.44'S 177 40.19'E

My day started at midnight with watch team 2’s 12-4 am watch (well almost all of watch team 2) Charlotte spent over 6 hours in the galley so that we would have crepes for breakfast in addition to underway cereal. She made 121!!! Once we were done with our amazing underway breakfast, we settled into the day spending the morning motor sailing through the many islands of Fiji. The weather was… well, let’s just say it wasn’t the best we’ve had so far, but the crew were in good spirits and thoroughly enjoyed getting drenched alternately by saltwater waves and freshwater rain (Type II fun at its best). After lunch and cleanup, we had an Oceanography class with a special guest lecturer Carolyn as well as two student presentations on El Nino and wave energy by Simon and Blake. After class, we had some thoroughly cold showers, but as Margaret D. said: “there wasn’t a person on deck without a smile on their face.” We were lucky enough to raise more sails and finally turn off the motor: peace and quiet. While everyone else either went back to watch or relaxed, PSCT had our Meteorology exam where we had to remember important things such as “hurricanes can cause serious damage to your health,” along with learning how to tell what kind of weather is nearby based on clouds and atmospheric pressure. The chef team made another amazing meal for dinner, and currently, everyone is cleaning up after dinner as I am writing this. As with last night, the stars are out in full force. Hopefully, they stay that way this time.

Mom and Dad and Zach, I love you, and I’ll see you in a month

Picture 1: A gorgeous sunset after a wet morning.
Picture 2: Don’t take Blake’s expression at face value; he thoroughly enjoyed his steak and eggs in the rain.
Picture 3: Crew enjoying the nice weather as we leave Fiji behind.