Location: 17 36.86'S 174 28.82'E

Today was a glorious day: one for the weather, two for the laughs, and three for the company. I woke up to get my favorite breakfast… underway cereal/oatmeal! Once my bowl was full, I made my way on deck to eat. I got to spend some quality time with watch team one because they had the 8 am to noon watch. While spending time with them, I learned that Evan does a bang-up job shaping eyebrows, as he did Steve’s eyebrows immaculately. I also enjoyed hearing about British TV from Steve. The sun was shining, and the wind was blowing, the perfect combination for a beautiful sail. At about 11 am, I went downstairs to go check out how the chefs were doing, and I walked into Blake, Evan, and Zoe crying from the ten onions they had to cut. Not only did they cut the onions, but they also played a game causing more tears to arise, although a bit crazy, it seemed they were having an incredibly fun time down in the galley. My watch team was on at noon, the lunch watch. We met this watch with a bit more enthusiasm than normal. We have decided that themed watches are the way to go and started off with Cinco de Mayo. We all had a blast listening to Latin music and having a dance party in the cockpit where new dances were learned by all, my favorite being the funky panda. When you have a watch team like mine, watches fly by! During clean up, I got the privilege of helming. My favorite part of clean up helming is that you are pretty much alone; it is very peaceful to look out at the open ocean and watch all your crewmates bustling about the deck. Shortly after lunch, it was time for marine biology and sailing class. We started Navigation in sailing today, where we learn the art of reading and using a paper chart rather than relying on GPS. Once class was over, showers were had.

Shortly after showers, we had dinner, or should I say brinner, as our meal consisted of eggs, sausage, and potatoes. Right as dinner was winding down, our fishing line got a bite. Trey ran to the line and started to pull it in. We pulled it on board, and it was none other than a Mahi Mahi! The fish was beautiful and filled with iridescent greens and blues. As always, we are so grateful to these fish to give their lives in order for us to eat as well as study them. Overall this day was filled with type two fun; the fun you don’t realize is making the best memories until you look back on them fondly. That is a wrap on our second full day of passage to Vanuatu.

Signing off,
P.S. hi, Mom, Dad, and Emma!