Location: 17 50.47'S 171 49.55'E

I have completely lost track of the days out here. We are the only people in our world right now, and we absolutely love it. The passage has turned into a rhythm of watches, classes, and fun times with shipmates. For me, the classes have been very enjoyable. The teaching staff loves what they do so much, and it makes the work we do much more fun. I am more motivated to do well when what I am learning is right in front of me every single day. This is the least stressful school work I’ve had to do throughout my whole education. Apparently, today was day four underway. We should be getting to Vanuatu on Saturday. In the meantime, the crew started brainstorming fun boat activities to add something new to each day. Maybe keep an eye out for news on Boat Prom, the Argonaut Talent Show, or even a 3-Way Watch Team Capture the Flag? Not sure if anyone has mentioned the new watch teams at this point. Without a doubt, watch team 3 is now the most superior watch team. In leadership class today, we got a chance to break off into our teams and reflect on the leadership challenge course we had in Taveuni. Based on our appreciation circle tonight, I would say everyone thinks their respective watch teams are the best. Good thing too because this passage is just a taste of what lies ahead after our departure from Vanuatu towards Australia. At this point, we are all looking forward to some downtime in Vanuatu before our biggest journey yet to Mackay.