Location: 17 54.37'S 168 37.50'E

Today was our last day of sailing before we reach Vanuatu. We traveled 191 miles (!) in the past 24 hours, and we only have about 50 or so left. Today was a nice day that started out with a great watch under the stars for watch team 1. We made it through the whole watch without getting hit by a wave until the very last minute when a big one came out of nowhere and hit us as we were going to bed nothing like salty hair in a cozy bunk. Meg did a fantastic job with lunch today and made couscous with veggies and lots of watermelons. After lunch, we caught mahi-mahi for the second day in a row. It was a small female this time. We learned about coral reefs today in Marine Biology and continued our Navigation coursework in Sailing class. Today was excellent because we had a lot of free time to catch up on schoolwork or just to enjoy the epic sailing we have had along this whole passage. Dinner tonight was honey and Dijon chicken with veggies, pasta, watermelon, and Mahi ceviche. The fish, made by Ian, was even better than the night before, and the rolls made by Blake, with help from Sam and Lindsay, were large and fluffy. We will hopefully arrive in Vanuatu soon; we are all super excited to get there!