Location: Port Vila, Vanuatu

Yesterday we arrived in Vanuatu under the rising sun as we ate cereal with the waves crashing over us. We actually arrived at the island last night but spent the night holding the ship in a safe pattern away from land so we could more safely approach our anchorage in the day. So close, yet so far. It had been four days and five nights since we had been on land, but I think everybody would agree that this was the most fun passage yet. This was our first significant passage with our new watch teams, which meant having a new group of people to talk to underneath the stars for four hours each night. Charlotte and I also stayed up for twenty-four hours making 121 crepes and caught two Mahi Mahi. After docking on the island, we immediately began boat appreciation (BA). This involves cleaning just about every square inch of the boat inside and out. After this time-consuming process, everybody’s eyes lit up with joy when we found we were getting our first night out in three weeks. We ended up eating dinner and getting drinks at a local bar in town before walking down the road to another bar to dance for the rest of the night. Vanuatu is an awesome island with great places to eat and hangout. We are excited to be here and continue exploring the island before setting sail to Australia.