Location: Nevis

Six hours of sleep on a ship rolling in open water is not my idea of a good night’s sleep. It was our first overnight passage, destination: Nevis. While underway, our three watch groups rotated on three-hour shifts, each shift responsible for making sure everything was running smoothly. Guided by the full moon (and some dolphins during the 9-12 pm shift), we made the typically difficult trip in an easy 20 hours. Upon arrival (of course, after we took in the sails and had lunch), Kevin was off to customs, and we had Boat Appreciation Day. It was a hot and sweaty afternoon of scrubbing the decks, cleaning the hull, and of course, coating the heads with disinfectant and bleach. Once Ocean Start was sparkling again, we all jumped into the water for a well-deserved cool down and shower. Claire took a win for the girls in an intense game of mock water polo, and Marvin perfected some of his dives off the 6th rung. Dinner also provided its fair share of shenanigans. –Mexican night is always an exciting night amongst the ActionQuest family.–Our Captain (and the day’s chef) was a bit overzealous with the paprika and pepper flakes. For those who ate the ground beef, it was quite a shock to the system. The 80’s music blasting through our speakers added to the general excitement and humor of the evening. If you couldn’t tell, we are all having a blast, and is that giggling and Kenny Loggins, I hear?