Location: Nevis

The day started off with a wonderful breakfast of french toast and fresh fruit. Shortly after that everyone hurried to clean up so we could make it to the Nevis for The Source Hike. Nevis is a volcanic island in which its steep sides are covered in fairly dense rainforest. We were aiming to make it to “The Source” aka the area from which the island gets its fresh water. Water flows down these steep hills in pipes from a water source at the top of the island. We all made it to the top and enjoyed a relaxing but cold swim in several small ponds at the top all while checking out an amazing waterfall and recovering from the steep hike up the island. Everyone had the chance to partake in some wildlife viewing as well as seeing an ecosystem that we have not encountered thus far on this trip. After the hike everyone got to spend some time on shore and enjoy lunch away from the ship. After lunch the dinghy’s were loaded up and everyone returned to Ocean Star for the first Advanced Open Water Dive – a navigation dive. This dive helps teach divers the proper way to navigate underwater whether that is using a compass or counting the number of fin kicks that you make in order to know how far you have traveled in murky water. Everyone completed the dive and took some time to relax after a long day and before dinner. I am not sure what tonight holds but today already seems like another perfect day in paradise!!