Location: Antigua

Lost a piece of our heart (R.I.P Mr. Lomax), gained a new adventure.
Welllllll, here we are again, peeps! Skipper Audz here! Today I gently woke everyone up with cuddles, head scratches, and soft good mornings. Sofia and Ellie also woke us up with the sweet smell of bagels that we ate with cream cheese, Nutella (oh so special sweet chocolatey goodness, this is a rare event for us to get Nutella with Breck) and peanut butter. After breakfast, we SO VERY SADLY said goodbye to Mr. Lomax. He was a very special person and a wonderful crew member, and we miss him so very much already. I wrote him a letter that everyone signed while hugs and goodbyes were passed around. Once he le- (Im sorry, I cannot bring myself to say it or write it yet, its too soon) After that whole situation, we took our oceanography midterm with C-$ Carolyn. Once we took our exam, we did passage prep because we were going to go practice for classics, which is coming up in two days!! (WOOHOO, YAY!!) Sofia and Ellie had been preparing lunch since 6 am this morning! They did so wonderfully! They made veggie lasagna with a white cream sauce. They had to add marinara sauce on top of it because Sofia forgot to read the instruction box for the lasagna, and she did not cook the pasta before putting it in the oven, and it came out as crunchy pasta crackers!! (Which I loved so much, just love that crunch)

After lunch, we decided that we were not going to go sailing and instead study for our marine biology midterm. A special event went down this afternoonC-$ had been dreaming of coloring her hair purple, so Ryan and I, with the help of Cora, dyed her hair purple! Then Ryan and I decided that we would dye our hair purple! So now we have approximately three purple-haired people (hahaha! I Love that for us). We docked in Antigua after that, and let me tell you, THE ENERGY IS HIGHER THAN EVER!!!! We are so excited to be here, and we had a wonderful dinner of fried chicken, fried zucchini potatoes, and broccoli. Lastly, we went on to shore for a bit to see what classics are really about. We are so excited to be here and are so incredibly grateful for this rare and amazing experience! We are soaking every minute up!

Thank you to my mom, dad, sister, brother, bonus parents, and grandparents for giving me and contributing to this experience!! I am having the time of my life!:)