Location: Underway to Tahiti

Day 18 of passage, expected to see land tomorrow. Today started at 7:30 for me. I was awoken by the sound of Gabby screaming, “Singing Challenge, yeah yeah.” Under normal circumstances, one might respond with “yeah yeah”; however, even after a 7-hour slumber, I was not feeling it. So watch team 3, got up, brushed our teeth, washed our faces, blah blah blah, and onto the 8-12 watch it was. Speaking of the 8-12 watch, last night, we had a special guest in the form of Miles having a breakdown and telling Kirby and me that he wanted to jump overboard and wrestle a tuna. Luckily we calmed him down with a nice bit of stove cleaning. After about 5 minutes, he had enough and went to bed, so I guess we did our jobs correctly. Anyway, back to the 8-12 morning watch. The beginning went like most watches, some of us had our morning teas and coffees, and others made a bowl of cornflakes. We did manage to put a MEGA tarp up, so the deck was nicely protected throughout the day. The conversations were good, but at the moment, Kirby and I are blanking on what was said. We finished a podcast from the night before about a man whose girlfriend breaks up with him, trashes his apartment, and then drives off in a taxi, but no more than 5 seconds later, and his girlfriend is standing behind him, giving him a hug. It was confusing. Some physicist guy said it was another reality overlapping for a brief period of time, but that seems like a load of horse poop. After that, on my 10 am boat check, Kirby was looking for some breakfast. I offered him some oatmeal, but he was a little baby and said he didn’t like it. So I made him eat a bowl of it. Kirby now is okay with oatmeal. After this breakfast, we started the dancing segment of watch. It started with Matt’s Southern ad-libs, On beer, roll tide, all night, up against the wall, and hate on Auburn, LSU, and Tennessee too. After that, Carla showed us some song game about banging your elbow on the table and a whipping game in which you air whip somebody to a beat, and then they air whip somebody else. People in Greenland sure know how to have fun. Now for the actual dancing. Flieger Lied is a German kid’s song teaching us about flying, swimming, giraffes, tigers, and la la la. There is a really complicated choreographed dance that goes along with this song, but we are so talented we picked it up in about 10 minutes. Matthew had quite the repertoire of moves under his belt, quite literally. Fakarava is an island that I can currently see on the GPS. It is quite near to Puka Puka.

We are not stopping at either. Reao is another such one of these islands. Have you ever been listening to the VHF, and somebody says something on channel 16 that kind of resembles the sound of a boat in distress, but you don’t want to be bothered, so you let it slide? Yeah, me neither. Thank you, Kirby. Today was day 2 of double science so that only means one thing, I am very unhappy. Sammy says that she got squirted on by a chicken all over her face, but now it’s cool. Thank you, Sammy. We also went swimming and faffed about on deck for a couple of 30-minute intervals. Kirby wants a scripted news report blog. Like a conversation script. Very cool, Kirby. We need to wrap this up.