Location: Rade De Saint - Pierre, Martinique

It was an early start to the day in Marigot Bay, St Lucia. Many of the students worked diligently throughout the night on their oceanographic literature review assignments due the following day. This led to quite a few tired eyes on deck this morning as we gently and quietly pulled out of the anchorage before 6:15 am. We managed to do this without stirring any of the other vessels nearby, and I found myself imagining their surprise in finding an empty slip after an 88′ behemoth sat there the day before. It was a smooth operation recovering the dinghies and getting sails hoisted as the students have become adept at the day-to-day operations of the vessel. It was a winds-day out there on the high seas, a hairstylist’s nightmare but a damn good day to sail. Ocean Star plied through rolling seas and high winds between St. Lucia and Martinique and finally made her way to calmer waters behind the lee of the giant French island. There she dropped her canvas swiftly and efficiently while the students broke into the various small jobs involved in putting the vessel to bed. After a quick rinse to get all the salt spray from the boat, the students jumped into leadership class and then jumped into the sea for a quick shower. Dinner rose out of the galley just as its aroma had wafted aft toward the chart house. The chefs today were excellent in their meal execution, serving us bagel pizzas, breakfast burritos, and spaghetti with meat sauce over the course of the day. Julia Child is blushing somewhere because of their fine work. Night has fallen over the vessel now, and Marina is having the students present their literature findings to their peers. It has been a long day of adventure, and many of the students are ready for a peaceful night’s rest.