Location: Marigot Bay, Saint Lucia

Here we are, day two of being in Marigot Bay, and as relaxing as these days have been, school stress is starting to build a little bit as we have our literature review for Oceanography due by sunset tomorrow. This morning started with the same rain sprinkled skies, with rainbows popping up here and there. After finishing up a lecture on marine mammals, we had the afternoon to do what we pleased onshore. Some continued their relaxation by the pool, others worked on schoolwork, and some combined the two in one. After having lunch onshore and a few more hours to roam around, we returned to Ocean Star to move her onto the dock for refueling. After trickily maneuvering her next to the fancy yacht, Lady J, we were all happy to be safely secured to the dock. After the luxury of hot showers onshore, we indulged in tacos for dinner and slipped into cleanup before our last class for the day, seamanship. The night is about to be full of sleep for some, dock watch for others, and surely lots of essay writing for most.