Location: Nevis to Dominica

Everyone was extremely excited to wake up to country music blasting throughout the salon and a delicious breakfast of oatmeal waiting for them. After breakfast and cleanup, preparations for our passage to Dominica began. We took a short break to have our second chemical oceanography class, then finished readying the boat for sail. We departed Nevis just as the sky fell out above us, and it continued to storm for quite a while, creating a wet, windy, and rocky ride. It seemed like most people had fun on deck fighting the rain and the waves. We didn’t have any serious seasickness casualties except for our head chef, who couldn’t make lunch because it was a little rough down below. Lunch was still prepared, and the weather cleared as we approached our afternoon destination of Redonda. Also known as Dragon Island to the Ocean Star crew, Redonda is a tiny island claimed by Antigua. On the passage over, Captain Kevin enlightened the crew on the colorful history of the island and briefed everyone on our approaching invasion. As Lord Dragon of Redonda, Kevin was sporting his festive Dragon Island attire, waving his dragon flag, and showing off his previously discovered dragon skull. As we approached the island, we were all amazed at how massive the rock formation was and how it seemed to have risen straight out of the depths of the ocean. Frigate birds were soaring all around the peak of the island like mystical fire-breathing creatures. The girls jumped right in and decided to conquer the island before the guys could. We all swam to shore and spent the afternoon climbing the rocks, exploring the island, and taking awesome pictures. Unfortunately, the time came to leave our magical island behind, and we continued our passage to Dominica. Dinner, which was Thai peanut chicken, was served in the cockpit right as we broke up into watch teams for the overnight portion of our passage. After dinner, the crew broke up to continue watch, work on homework, or just hang out before their watches began. As a member of watch team #3, I decided to take advantage of the downtime and rocking motion to do what I do best on boat sleep. We then finished out the day with an enjoyable and relaxing 9 pm-12 am watch shift. I know we all are really excited to arrive in Dominica tomorrow to spend an exciting 4 days diving, hiking, and experiencing all the island has to offer!