Location: Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Today was a really busy day. We started with a good breakfast of eggs, beans. Sausage and bread (not toast because the oven broke) and also took some time to make packed sandwiches for lunch ashore. Then we broke off into two groups. Alex, Peter, Jack, Drake, Sophie, and Eliza stayed behind for study time while the rest of us headed for the dock.
We went to a tourism stand and then we were led back to the dock to board a small speedboat. The speedboat first took us to a little peninsula where we saw tons of seals, marine iguanas, sally lightfoot crabs and lots of pelicans. We hiked around the area a little, then headed back to the boat and motored across the bay to a small dock outside a house. We went on another smaller hike, then found ourselves in a canyon. It was really busy, but we went down the stairs and got into the water. It was pretty cold, but we were all sweaty from hiking around, so it was nice. We swam up and down this massively deep canyon and even found a swim through. We tried jumping off the rocks, but David got yelled at, so we had to stop. We had a little break on the way back with ice creams at a little bar and sat in hammocks, and all played foosball together. We got back on the water for a snorkel where we saw tons of sharks, turtles, and even an octopus. Then we went to where the sharks breed and saw some 2-3m sharks just below us.
We went back to the dock to meet David D and then swapped out with the other group. Then me, London, Kai, Brittany, and David D went over to shore to measure our wetsuit sizes for the dive tomorrow (and then convinced Tim to let us get ice cream).
We then went back to the boat to shower and study; then we had pizza dinner aboard. Later, we’ll have seamanship class and head to bed to dive or have free time tomorrow!

Pictured: Friendly sea lion; views from the bay tour; a marine iguana on the beach; the gorge we went swimming in; Tim free diving in the gorge; Kai snorkeling with a huge green sea turtle; London, Eliza, and Drake enjoying the sunset in their matching hammerhead t-shirts.