Location: Columbiere Bay, Gustavia

The labors of the day were found early in the day for the boys and girls of S/Y Ocean Star, beginning with a cleansing for the boat as well as for the sleep fogged heads of its crew. After the aforementioned cleansing we were graciously allowed a stint on the shores of a paradise of whose inhabitants are the unimaginably wealthy. Some of us procured items from the grocer, mainly sweets and carbonated beverages to pour down our gullets to satiate sugar addictions. Once the various crew managed to pull away from their transactions and stowed or devoured their goods we went through our maneuvers which involved the reverse procedure of our arrival. This was of course a stern to technique involving many different complexities (such as port and starboard windless, anchor burtons, and the occasional French diver making sure our chain isn’t fouled). Released from our bonds and traversing coastal waters for what seemed a glimpse we arrived at Columbiere Bay. A handful of other sailboats shared our company as we diverged into two groups; one leisurely relaxing on the beach, the other boldly looking for deeper free diving than what was immediately available. Those more serious about their diving reached depths upwards of fifty five feet, the rest resolved to peruse the wildlife and attempt underwater somersaults. The day closed with a delicious pasta dinner and an intriguing look at deep sea life in our Marine biology course.