Location: Ile Forche, St. Barth's

The morning started out with oddly good tasting tater cakes or what may sound more familiar, potato pancakes. We had class for a couple hours and got some free time until lunch. Lunch was awesome, we had Cheese Casserole by the famous Casey and Eric. I nearly gained about ten pounds in just one meal, it was fantastic. We motored to Ile Forche, it was just across the way so it was a very short passage, about twenty minutes or so. The ones who are doing their Research Project in OCE on sea grass, went on a dive with Casey to gather information. After, some went on shore to the beach and others stayed on bored reading, practicing navigating, or like me did their laundry. When dinner finally came around we all ate chicken teriyaki, which was absolutely wonderful. To end the night we had a very riveting Marine Biology class with a guest lecture from our very own Casey on Polar Sea’s.