Location: Nice, France

Today was a very busy but exciting day in Nice. We left Villefranche and then docked in Nice. It was interesting to Mediterranean moor the boat, which means that Argo’s stern is the only part of the boat against the dock. Holding the fenders, we ran across the deck to make sure Argo did not touch the two other boats near it. After we docked, we had a whole free day. Many of us hiked to the fort that’s on one of Nice’s hills. It wasn’t a very long hike, but it was beautiful. There were so many views that most of us stopped at least a dozen times to take pictures. There was a waterfall on the top of the mountain, and it overlooked all of Nice. Some shipmates walked around the city, ate some amazing bagel hamburgers, and walked to see beautiful views while others went to the beach, ate Gelato, and roller-skated on the boardwalk. It’s going to be difficult to leave this city, but it’s going to be even more difficult to leave our home.

Even though we have only lived on this boat for 48 days, Argo truly is our home. We have lived in cramped headquarters, have been awake at ungodly hours, and have probably driven each other crazy, but that’s what families do. We have seen each other have good days and bad days and we have seen each other make mistakes. Without this Argo family, we would not have learned how to rig/flake the sails, raise/lower the dinghy, help keep everyone safe, and so much more. Argo is like a blank piece of paper; each crew can fold it in so many different ways. The piece of paper can either turn into a crumpled ball and be completely unproductive, or it can turn into something productive, insightful, and beautiful. I think all 29 of us have turned that piece of paper into something amazing–maybe even a paper boat–strong, knowledgeable and together.

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