Location: Villefranche, France

Hello everyone. Today was another good day for the crew of Argo, especially since we had the chance to visit Monaco today. However, for most of us, the day started much earlier than our 7 am wake-up because of anchor watch. Anchor watch, for those of you who don’t know, takes place during the night while we are anchored, and we watch the anchor to make sure that Argo and the anchor do not start drifting during the night. So for me personally, my day started at 4 am. After a delicious breakfast of poppy seed bread, we got ready to set off. The preparations to go to land today were fairly similar to any other day besides the fact that the majority of us were getting dressed up for the day. Attire ranged from casual boat wear to full suits. We arrived at land in style via a dinghy ride, where we then took the train to Monaco.

Once arriving we arrived, we walked the streets where the Grand Prix happens to get to the Oceanographic Museum. The museum was a pretty cool place, a mixture of aquarium and museum. After the museum, we started splitting up to go explore Monaco. Collectively, we saw everything from the Castle to the Prince of Monaco’s personal car collection, gorgeous boats, and the Montecarlo Casinos. The car collection was one of the coolest things I saw; it had everything from buggies to formula one race cars. The yachts that we saw were all very impressive. We were proud to say that Argo would not have looked out of place had we been docked there. The casinos seemed much like any other casino, except housed in a nicer building than most.

We returned home to Argo and living just like the rich and famous. We jumped overboard to do our showers. It was our first time doing night swimming and would have been a great experience except for the fact that the heads were not hooked up to the black water tank. That basically means that the head content goes straight overboard as opposed to in a tank. Unfortunately, our swim ladder was directly in the crossfire.

All in all, though, the crew had an excellent day and are excited to go to Nice tomorrow.