Location: Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Hello World,

It’s your favorite skipper Parker here today from beautiful Santa Cruz. You may be thinking, that sounds different than yesterday, and you’re right! After a delicious breakfast made by our head chef Xander, we cleaned up Argo, and left the turquoise bay of San Cristobal and headed out to sea. Once underway, we had some free time to work on our OCB papers and catch up on sleep. After lunch, we had a doubleheader, marine bio followed by PEN. Lindsay guided us through fish coloration, mating, and respiration. Next, Simon took over PEN today and taught us how to calculate speeds and time intervals at sea. Just as we finished a calculation of how long it would take to move between islands, we heard the engine shut off and the anchor drop. Santa Cruz is a cool looking island that we are very excited to explore over the next couple of days. We spent the rest of the afternoon free diving, doing laundry, and reading on the deck. A group of guys had a rock paper scissors competition while at 35 feet of depth, and another group found a family of bull’s eye pufferfish. We watched the sunset over the island during dinner, and I dedicated today as Staff Appreciation Day to thank our wonderful staff for all the hard work they do. We had random compliment times, and the squeeze question was to share your favorite memory of your watch team leaders and, of course,, compliment the birthday girl, Audrey. Happy 18th birthday, what a wonderful place to celebrate. We are ending our night through Leadership class with Tina, and then settling down before a full day of exploration tomorrow.

Sending love to all of our friends and family,

Skipper Parker

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