Location: Puerta Ayora, Santa Cruz, Galapagos

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We started today bright and early with a visit to the Charles Darwin Research Center, and I am confident speaking for everyone when I say that it was an enlightening and very educational experience for all members of the crew. We witnessed both fully-grown giant tortoises in their quasi-natural habitat, as well as countless young tortoises that are part of the breeding program that is Galapagos effort to restore the highly endangered species to their natural habitat. After the crew allowed us to split into groups of our choosing, we all enjoyed lunch, and most of us either indulged in surfing at the picturesque Tortuga Bay or exploring Las Grietas cut, which was essentially a giant gorge carved out by centuries of shoals crashing against it. All in all, although our day may have been action-packed, I have a strong feeling that every member of the crew found it fulfilling in the best way possible and will enjoy a thorough and well-deserved rest tonight.


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