Location: Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Today the crew was split in two. Half of us went to El Chato Ranch, which is a private ecological reserve for tortoises. The tortoises were huge and very photogenic; we also got a tour through a lava tunnel. After the walk around, we went back to town for lunch. Many of us chilled by a pool and finished our Marine Bio papers. The other half of our group did their diving on Santa Cruz today. I’ll let one of them tell you about their experience. After all, coming back aboard, we finished the night with chicken noodle soup and squeeze.

Lindsay here with news from today’s dive group. We woke at (literately) the crack of dawn, enjoyed our fresh pastries, and were off to the dive center. We enjoyed a taxi ride across the island to reach our dive site Seymour Island at the very opposite end from where we are currently anchored. From there, it was a short boat ride around Isla Baltra to our first dive site. First thing upon hitting bottom: a school of twenty hammerheads swimming straight at us. After getting over the initial intimidation factor, we reveled in the sheer number and species of sharks schooling around us, not to mention the numerous fish hiding from said sharks in the rocks. Between the white-tip, black-tip, and hammerhead sharks, eagle, mobula and stingrays, garden eels, sea turtles, and thousands of fish, I think it’s safe to say we had a good day.

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