Location: Road Town, BVI

Hello, from the (finally) complete crew of Argo! We now have all 28 members aboard. Today we woke up to a wonderful crepe breakfast. After clean up, we had our first oceanography class and then had a few hours of shore time at Road Town, Tortola. Many of us went shopping for items that we forgot and some yummy snacks and then grabbed lunch onshore. When we came back to Argo, we helped put away all the provisioning for the next nine days in every nook and cranny on this boat, including under my bed, which happens to house all the condiments, you could ever want. We had to stay near Road Town to collect some delayed luggage. While waiting, we learned how to tie some knots, including a bowline, reef knot, and figure-eight knot. We ended the day with another wonderful dinner underway to Spanish Town. This was nearby, where we would be starting our Advanced Open Water SCUBA training tomorrow. Skipper Hannah over and out.