Location: Roadtown, BVI

Today has been the most fun (at least in my opinion) day so far. The main event was a wreck of the remains of the Rhone, a steamboat that sank in the 1860s by the hands of a hurricane. It was by far the best diving spot we have visited so far and for some the most important. For any students who have spent the last week trying to become certified open water scuba divers, this was the final test dive they needed to perform to officially become certified. Everybody passed with no problems while enjoying the splendor that was the reef that has made its home atop the remains of the Rhone. Afterward, we traveled to our current docking site, Roadtown. We will remain here for tonight and all of tomorrow due to a last-minute change in schedule. While at the dock, we also received our newest student, Christian N. We are expecting yet another student late tonight who goes by the name Nick.

To my mother and father, I will try and get in touch with you as soon as I can

Sincerely, Omar Vincent EL Gammal

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