Location: Underway to Gili in the Java Sea

An unfortunate shift in the wind yesterday evening forced us to pull down our sails and motor through the night and into the morning. At 3am, the clear, starry sky had those of us on Watch Team #1 thinking we might get our first glimpse of a colorful sunrise, but as dawn approached, clouds and haze began to obscure the horizon, and the sun rose without giving us much of a show. After catching up on some sleep following the end of our watch, I awoke to find that the wind had shifted in our favor and the sails had been raised once again. Through the morning and into lunch, we watched the sail movement closely, hoping that the luffing would stop and that we would climb past 3.5 knots. Ultimately, however, the wind couldn’t take us where we needed to go, so Dan (our trusted Captain) turned on the engine to get us back on course and up to a reasonable speed. With the engine running through the afternoon and evening, life on Argo carried on as it should. We had two classes in the afternoonoceanography and our first student leadership development classfollowed by showers on deck, dinner, and free time between watches. Perhaps the most notable event of the day was the complete absence of seasickness for the first time while underway on Argo this fall.