Location: Underway to Gili in the Java Sea

Another good day in the Java Sea! We are currently about halfway into our passage from Kumai to the Gili Islands. Watch Team 2 continues to have fun on watch – this morning’s theme was riddles, and we had a few people stumped for the whole 3 hours. Spirits were high as we went to bed at 6am, with thoughts like “10 fish I caught without the eye. I can do the bottle dance, can you!” running through our minds. We were back on deck for the lunch time shift from 12-3. During which time we had classes and lunch. Today we had an MTE (Sailing) class followed by an OCB (Marine Biology) class, learning about some of the interesting ecological relationships in the marine environment. At 3pm we jumped forward an hour to Bali time, allowing us to take advantage of the daylight for dinner underway. Showers were enjoyed under the salt water “power shower” and dinner at 6pm. As we continue on our journey the deck quiets down again as the watches continue through the night. The most amazing thing on our 9-12 watch was the bioluminescent plankton, which was extremely bright due to the lack of moon tonight. Another great day on Argo.