Location: St Georges

It was an early morning on the S/Y Ocean Star as all hands on deck was called at 0200 hours, as our 53-hour passage came to an end. With the lights of Grenada illuminating the bay, we brought in the sail and dropped anchor outside St. Georges port. Everyone crashed shortly after that for some much-needed sleep before a late breakfast followed by a morning of Boat Appreciation. Once everything was ship-shape, and the boat scrubbed inside and out, we came to the delicate maneuver of bringing the 88-foot Ocean Star into the Grenada Yacht club, spinning it around, and backing into a very narrow slot to a Mediterranean-style mooring. Having tied off with all hull paint amazingly intact, we set about finishing the boat maintenance, upon the completion of which, the lot of us headed ashore to explore Grenada’s colorful capital city. Students enjoyed exploring the spice market, checking out the local malls and shops, and hiking to the nearby hilltop for a beautiful view of the bay. In the evening, Emma taught our class about maritime navigation using a sextant and stars, along with a formula for calculating the effects of Solar Declination. We finished the day with a relaxing night out at the bar. Cheers.