Location: Under Way to Grenada

Calm waters and sunny skies made for a pleasant day of passage. We spent our time lounging on the deck, listening to music, and resting to prepare for our team’s next watch. After a tasty lunch of pizza bagels, some of us took advantage of all the free time and began studying for our upcoming OCE quiz. With each additional day at sea, the whole crew has grown more and more comfortable completing boat checks during watch, adjusting the sails, and completing daily activities below deck. As Ocean Star began to close in on its destination, we were welcomed to Grenada by a pod of dolphins, guiding us to shore. This caused quite the excitement on deck, as we quickly pulled out cameras and go-pros in the hopes of catching the perfect shot of our beautiful friends. Around one o’clock in the morning, we finally dropped anchor outside of the Port of St.George, all eager to set foot on land once again.