Location: 14* 55.5'N 062* 02.8'W

Today the wind decided to play games with us. We were getting ready for 9 knots speeds and smooth, quick sailing for our passage to Grenada, but instead, the wind seemed to enjoy our company and kept trying its best to have us for as long as possible. It turned out to be a good opportunity to learn how to pull and ease the sheet. After a great sunrise, the weather turned to be great for chilling on deck, watching the flying fish surf the swells, and hoping for whales or dolphins. Not so much for sailing. On the pros side, although somewhat choppy, the sea conditions allowed us to maintain the seasickness monster under control so that at dinner, most of us could enjoy some of Anthony’s delight, also known as “Tony’s” (contact Anthony himself if interested in the recipe. He might claim copyrights). As a side note: The watch teams have been so perfectly timed with the job wheel’s jobs that there have been no conflicts so far between watches and head/sous chefs’ schedules. In addition, there have been always volunteers ready to jump in when the cooks needed to come up on deck to catch some fresh air.