Location: Prickly Bay Grenada

Today marked the close of our 2-day long passage from the island of Montserrat to the island of Grenada, which is the longest passage we will experience over the course of the entire voyage. Everyone was excited to finally anchor, and there was an aura of pride throughout the entire crew when we finished cleaning and maintaining the boat from stern to bow. Laundry was taken to shore, and groceries were brought back from shore as we took care of getting ourselves ready for the next portion of our trip. After boat appreciation, we ventured to port, where some of us stayed at the local restaurant and enjoyed catching up with family as well as the good food, while others took a taxi and ventured farther into Grenada. After a couple of hours of relaxation or adventure, we all met up back at the dock. We returned to Ocean Star, where dinner was prepared and hastily eaten and enjoyed with a beautiful sunset in the background.