Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

Today is the second day underway on the island of Grenada. Everyone woke up to the sight of sails billowing in the wind and land nowhere to be seen. After a breakfast of self-served cereal, we all continued with our watch teams. Teams consisted of about five people per group, and we all took turns on the helm, on bow watch, or performing boat checks every hour. After our three hours of watch were over, we hurriedly ran to our bunks, trying to catch up on sleep during the six hours we had off. After we woke up for lunch, we resumed whatever jobs we had for the day while the others mostly tried to avoid becoming seasick. Unfortunately, I’ve still got a long way to go before my stomach can handle it. After a few hours of switching watches, we all were called on deck for shower time. When we reached the low side of the deck, we lined up and got doused by a fire hose (which was a blast), shampooed and sudsed up, and then got another rinse down with the hose. After we had dinner, we did clean up, and everyone got into dry clothes. After everyone was dry, we all sat on the chart house looking at the stars and talked about what adventures tomorrow had in store.