Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

Today started with a lovely morning of a little drizzle. Our chefs, Joni, Tori, and Joaquin, got up early at 6 to prepare everyone a delicious burrito breakfast. With onion, red pepper, scrambled eggs, ham, cheese, and some other choices, everybody created their own super yummy burrito and later sat satisfied in the cockpit listening to a briefing about today’s exciting hike to Mount Qua Qua and Seven Sisters waterfall. Around 9 o’clock, our whole group jumped into a big van heading towards the hiking destination. During our half-hour ride, it started to rain so heavily, and the roads became pretty muddy. Because of the rain, we had so much fun playing with the mud on the trail while hiking and laughing at each other’s nasty sneakers. It was a long, exhausting, but super refreshing hike. Everybody was amazed at the beauty of nature when we finally made it to the top of the mountain. Some of us even made it to climb up the huge rock on the mountaintop to have an even more amazing view of the forest. After getting down from the peak of Mount Qua Qua, we were finally heading for the great waterfall jump in the Seven Sisters Waterfall. Imagine jumping from the top of a 43-foot waterfall! How cool! As terrifying as it seemed to be, we were brave enough to make it happen, and there was not any other way to get down the hill once we decided to climb up. There were actually a series of small jumps and places where we had to scramble through the stream as we made our way back down, and we were all amazed by the beauty of nature around us. This jump was definitely the high point of today, and every one of us kept saying how unbelievably cool it was.