Location: Underway to Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean

‘Land ho!” was the cry from our watch team up on deck. After twelve days underway we all waited with anticipation for the cry and when it came we raced up on deck to see the Archipelago de Fernando de Noronha stretched along the horizon, a faint dark-grey rugged shape almost alien after so many days with nothing in every direction. Although I cannot wait to step ashore and explore, I confess that the news of land ahead was a little sad. There is something pleasant to the unvarying routine of life at sea underway. You get used to the consistent cycling of watches, meals, classes, sunsets, and sunrises in that particular and familiar order. Seeing the rocky object break the perfect horizon brought a sudden disruption to it all. Life at sea and life on land, or even in sight of land, truly are two different worlds. Beset on all sides by emptiness is a strangely beautiful thing. I could have sailed in the hauntingly captivating emptiness for many weeks more.andlt;hr width=’100’/andgt;andlt;div align=’center’andgt;andlt;tableandgt;andlt;trandgt;andlt;tdandgt;andlt;