Location: Underway to Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean

Our Atlantic crossing is almost over. While we sit our watches we always look forward to new adventures in far away places. But I think its important to look behind every now and then, to awe at the endless wake Argo and the Argonauts have left in our path. We have many thousands of miles left to go, but we have already come so very far, as crew, as a group, and as a little slice of humanity. In physical terms, we have nearly crossed the entire Southern Atlantic Ocean, not an insignificant feat, but in mental terms, weve gone much farther than that. I can nearly smell the beaches of Brazil now on the sea breeze, and I relish the idea of yet a new place, culture and experience and I know I am not alone in that sentiment. Here we come Brazil!andlt;hr width=’100’/andgt;andlt;div align=’center’andgt;andlt;tableandgt;andlt;trandgt;andlt;tdandgt;andlt;