Location: Brazil

We are here. Today began with Connor’s well-deserved screaming of “land ho” straight into anchor prep. Starting with extensive cleaning of our bunks and heads. While half cleaned down below, the other half started with sail handling and deck scrubbing. In no time, Vela was ready to be asleep for a few days. The group briefly headed to shore to show our faces to the customs workers. Somehow, people managed to purchase soft serve ice cream, Red Bulls, acacia smoothie bowls, and ” some sorta coconut thing,” all within the 300 yards we had to walk to get to customs. The day continued with numerous attempts at nearly impossible flips off of the bow sprit. These, of course, resulted in slapping the water… Connor, Lazlo, and Benno. As the boat prepared for dinner and squeeze, Nate revealed his hysterical tan lines from his PFD, which made it look like he was wearing a deep-cut women’s swimsuit. This is certainly the funniest tan lines of the trip so far. The evening winded down with phone calls and face-times to the family back home.
Today’s Highlights:
– We officially crossed the Atlantic
– The customs office had the air conditioning tuned down to 58 degrees
– The random man with a wheelbarrow who offered and proceeded to take our trash to the dumpster
– Ice-cold beverages
– Cell service
– Jake’s screaming Mario Kart tournament