Location: Bequia

This morning we started our day with a delicious breakfast served by our chefs promptly at 7:30. Soon after cleanup, we went straight into a Basic Seamanship class where the shipmates learned about the compass and the effects the magnetic force of the earth has on our boat and headings. They also learned the formals for finding speed, distance, and time for navigation. After class, the shipmates were given some shore time on the island to buy some last-minute gifts and provisions. The Crew was back on board by 4:30 for showers and passage preparation to St. Lucia. Dinner was served, and final boat preparations were made. Everyone was given some time to relax as our scheduled departure time for Soufriere. St Lucia was 2300 hours. At 2200 the crew was mustered on deck, and we raised sail as we slipped our mooring. Watch team three started us off, and a heading of 030 degrees was given to the helmsman as our course to the beautiful island of St. Lucia.