Location: Panama City, Panama

We woke up again on the beautiful coast of Panama, all very tired; me from having a stomach bug, which left me hugging the head, others tired after a night out. After breakfast, which I took no part of, we completed our EFR (Emergency First Responder) test, which hopefully all of us passed. We have all learned that CPR is not like the movies, and you will almost certainly get a mouthful of puke. After the test, most students went into Panama City to pick up final provisions for our crossing to the Galapagos and then the Pacific. Once everyone returned from shore, we had a tired Biology class with Lindsay, with only a few things thrown at sleeping students. Class ended with many going to bed, others put their finishing touches on SLS papers, which are due tomorrow, and others helped put away the last remaining items of food which have now completely taken over the bilge. There was another amazing sunset as we sat down for dinner with the crew and a guest speaker who will be teaching class tonight. Everyone is excited to leave on passage again as the city seems to sap the energy out of us after being away from it for so long. Tomorrow we will be heading to the Las Perlas islands to spend some time on a beach!


Skipper: Robert Nolan

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