Location: Isla Pedro Gonzales, Panama

Today we had a pretty slow day, but that doesn’t mean it was boring! We started the day with some apple empanadas-turned-turnovers made by Tina, Captain Ben, and Tom, who were also impressed with their lunch and dinner. After breakfast, we began passage prep for our trip to Las Perlas and took off as soon as we could. Although the wind wasn’t cooperating and we had to use the motor, there was a lot to see over the course of the seven-hour passage. Watch teams saw all sorts of things, like rays, red tides (an algae bloom), whale spouts, and frigate birds. Watch team three watched as frigate birds landed on Argo, pecking at each other to try to get the best spot. While some were having more success than others, when one of them landed on the Windex, Captain Ben decided that the risk to our equipment, plus to our deck and heads (from anything they might drop), wasn’t worth it. He used the foghorn to scare them off, and we didn’t see them for the rest of the passage. The watch teams that were off duty were mostly working on their SLS challenge course papers due at dinner, but some of us got ready for our passage across the equator. It is customary to cut your hair or shave your head when you cross the equator for the first time in a sailing vessel, and those who were brave enough decided to get a head start and used the electric shaver to see who could look the most ridiculous. While it certainly wasn’t the most action-packed day I’ve had on Argo, we still managed to keep ourselves busy and productive while having fun.